Tired of Fiverr? Try these 9 freelance sites instead

By Dan Buzan
Last updated August 24, 2021
Sites like Fiverr

Fiverr has been around for a while now. They are one of the founding fathers of the gig economy whether they want to wear that crown or not. Fiverr’s site provides a ton of services (all provided by freelancers) for that namesake amount of just $5, at least that’s how it started, things have changed somewhat over the years and there’s not much you can get for that $5 anymore – apart from basic services that you’d expect to get for $5 which isn’t a fat lot.

In 2021, Fiverr has grown into a site full of the unknown, it’s like a pick and mix of skilled and unskilled digital entrepreneurs from all over the world who can provide any service you require (or can they).

Just type what you need into the search box and you’ll find pages of people ready, willing, and waiting to carry out the tasks you need help with – whether they’ll be up to the job is another matter.

Check these 9 sites like Fiverr 

If you’ve had enough of Fiverr or want to have a look at some Fiverr alternatives then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, We’ll be taking a closer look at the best Fiverr alternatives for both buyers and freelancers in 2021.

Let’s begin!

Sites like Fiverr

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Fiverr Alternatives: For Buyers & Freelance Jobs

People Per Hour

Sites like Fiverr

People per hour is what I like to call a premium freelancing site. The buyers are usually more knowledgeable about what they want. Plenty of agencies contract out on here and you can find some of the best native freelancers on any site.

The sign-up process is pretty stringent and they don’t accept everyone onto the platform – you have to be good to get on there which is a positive sign for buyers and great if you’re skilled at what you do. It means you’re guaranteed to find QUALITY freelancers and professional services.

The types of freelance services available on PPH range from graphic design services to digital marketing and everything in-between.

Why Choose People Per Hour Over Fiverr?

Buyers can expect to hire skilled professionals and very reasonable prices. Even top cert professionals provide reasonably priced services and fair hourly rates. PPH offers project milestones too which means you don’t have to pay for your full project in one go – you can essentially pay as you go.

When a stage has been completed you release the payment for that stage and this continues until your project has been completed.

It’s easy to create a buyers account – sign up, post your job and wait for freelancers to start sending you their fee for the work. PPH has made the entire hiring process a doddle. You’ll be awarded a VIB (very important buyer) badge if you spend a lot too which means you’ll attract even more top talent as skilled professionals prefer working for reliable customers.

Skilled job seekers looking for well-paid jobs, long term contracts with well-known agencies and guaranteed gigs thanks to a gentle push from PPH makes signing up as a freelancer a no brainer.

The clients expect to pay more than Fiverr because they know they can rely on PPH’s freelancers to deliver a great product and service. There’s a high demand for writing services, web development and software development and there are gigs worth thousands of pounds posted up quite frequently.


You can choose to have a buyer or seller account, or both! You can post a job you want to be done for free and have freelancers reach out to you.

The job posting is a simple process as it’s a freelance marketplace. All freelancers have their history and ratings available to view on the site, making it easy to see who is the best fit for your work.

Sellers must be accepted by the site to begin working on there, so you know you will be working with someone trustworthy and talented.

Freelancers compete with their prices so for those small businesses with fair prices there may be people out there offering the same content (or better) for a much lower price

Freelancers have fixed prices so you can seek out your price range immediately


Automatic invoicing is provided, the job application process is simple and requires freelancers to bid for jobs. The cheapest offers aren’t always selected because buyers seek quality over quantity. ALl files like word docs, pdf’s and design files can be shared safely and securely on the site.

There is an account management section that contains a messaging service to keep up with projects and the progress being made on them. You can also download the People Per Hour app on your phone and use it to access it quickly at any time, respond promptly to messages from customers and bid on new jobs.

There are daily job alerts to keep you up to date on your options. PPH wants its freelancers to get work!


Sites like Fiverr

Guru is a site that allows you to find and hire freelancers that are experienced! This Fiverr alternative is a great place for employers and freelancers to work together.

They strive to be a freelance platform that can create high-quality work in a flexible and secure environment. They offer tons of job categories to ensure you can find what you’re looking for.

Why Choose Guru Over Fiverr?

Guru is a much more trustworthy Fiverr alternative, it offers a wide pool of professional freelancers ready to be hired for their next project. With eight job categories available you’re certain to find what you’re looking for and can find a freelancer that is the right match for you whilst knowing for certain they are talented and professional, whereas Fiverr lacks this certainty.

The site offers great customer service support offering help to both freelancers and buyers when needed and have been known to quickly resolve problems put forward to them, allowing you to know that you’re working with a reliable site.

The site only charges small fees for their services, benefiting both the buyer and seller, allowing a fair price on both sides.


The site allows you to find freelance talent easily unlike Fiverr where you have to scavenge through pages to find someone right for you. Job listings are easy to create and find to attract expert freelancers eager to begin work. Whether you’re looking for writers, graphic designers, freelance developers or any kind of content creator this site has it all! It’s the perfect online marketplace to find freelancers.

There are multiple payment methods allowing you to meet the payment needs of both you and the freelancer you have chosen to work with, this allows flexibility for the both of you. The project dashboard allows you to communicate with gurus you have hired and keep track of work progress and receive or share needed files.

It’s simple to hire someone, all that’s needed is to select the freelancer you want to hire and all that is needed is for them to accept or decline the offer, allowing you to quickly find someone prepared to create what you’re looking for.


Guru allows you to find secure jobs with people looking for freelancers, with endless job categories you can find your expertise and begin working for trusted buyers with as many gigs as you feel you can handle. The work hours are flexible, personal and rewarding!

The multiple payment methods are perfect to guarantee your income, by having different methods available you can attract more buyers and suit payments to their needs.

The dashboard on the site allows you to share files with your employer and help both of you keep track of work progress easily. You can communicate and send over finished work through the project manager, allowing it to be a quick and efficient process so you can continue with your work.

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Sites like Fiverr

Freelancer is a site used by millions of people including large scale companies such as Amazon and Facebook. You can choose from expert freelancers in over 1800 skill sets, from all around the globe, offering endless talent that’s perfect for your job.

Why Choose Freelancers Over Fiverr?


With expert freelancers from around the world, you can find the perfect match for you and your content. The option to pay your freelancers a fixed price or by the hour payments and be flexible are fitting to you and your needs as well as being secured by the Milestone Payments system.

To find someone to hire simply post a project for what you need creating and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.

A mobile app is available to contact your freelancer and keep track of the work! There is customer support available 24/7 so you never have to worry about waiting to contact someone about an issue.


Freelancers contact the employer on this site, allowing you to pick what work you want to do! It’s flexible and allows you to find suited projects for yourself with all the details shown to you before accepting a work offer.

With jobs coming in from countries across the globe there is always something available to work on.

If there are any issues with clients there’s customer support available to help you 24/7.


Sites like Fiverr

Upwork is a freelance marketplace trusted by Microsoft which allows you to post a job and receive proposals from talented freelancers quickly. You can use Upwork to chat or video call, share files, and track project progress right from the app.

You can easily receive invoices and make payments through Upwork site, making it a swift and easy to use the site.

Why Choose Upwork Over Fiverr?


With Upwork, you only have to pay for the work you authorize and can pay invoices through the site itself. The app allows you to speak to freelancers, check on work progress and make payments anywhere you are!


You can take control and find work that hits your financial goals faster with ambitious startups and well-known brands. Alongside this create lasting relationships, build a predictable pipeline of projects, big and small, through strong connections and work and earn your way.

You can search for jobs or have clients come to you, the opportunities are endless and flexible to you as you can find gigs without a full time contract.

The site allows you to connect & engage, learn, share information, and build your community with like-minded professionals, expanding your online business massively!

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Outsourcely is a site to find or create freelance jobs, remote workers must be verified to begin job postings and working for employers. From online marketing, graphic design, data entry, digital marketing and even web design – the site has it all!

You can find local freelancers and employees who are spread out across the globe!

Why Choose Outsourcely Over Fiverr?

Compared to other freelancing sites, Outsourcely ensures that their freelancers are experienced and talented, whilst still offering tons of content options just like Fiver. The big difference is the quality of work.

With Outsourely being a trusted site for hiring freelancers and finding work it’s much more reliable unlike Fiverr where people have little to no experience and often don’t send completed work or even accept jobs!


The site has highly educated, experienced and verified professionals that are ready to perform every conceivable job/task that can be done remotely for a fraction of the expense you would pay traditionally in an office setting.

Although more expensive than Fiverr competitors you can expect freelancers much more professional and experienced on this site. All the freelancers must be verified by the site so you know you’re getting high quality content creation which can be uncertain with other sites.

You can choose to pay your freelancer partner hourly or directly for a piece of work, employment costs are flexible and a conversation needed between you and your hired freelancer. Finding freelancers is a breeze on this site and you know they are more trusted than Fiverr freelancers.


To get started on the freelance website produce a profile that showcases your education, work experience, best skills and illustrates your communications abilities.

You can find jobs easily through the site and go through the gig search experience safer than Fiverr knowing you will be working with trusted employers and being backed up by a professional site with positive reviews and good customer service.

You can find a new job quickly with search engine optimization! It’s one of the best Fiverr alternatives as the site isn’t flooded with general freelancing work related jobs that are actually people just doing it for the sake of something to do like Fiverr and even other freelance marketplaces.

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Sites like Fiverr

The site can be managed completely from an app and freelancers and employees can work on the go, although many sites like Fiverr offer this the site has trusted professionals and is one of the best Fiverr alternatives in terms of quality.

Why Choose Truelancer Over Fiverr?

When looking for a freelance job as either a creator or employer the site offers endless categories of work and allows quicky and easy communication between both parties.

Although sites like Fiverr offer the same type of concept the app is an extremely useful feature and is great for finding professionals or work easily where ever you are.


Truelancer holds the funds you pay to the Freelancers in Safe Deposit until the work is completed & approved by you, ensuring your money is safe, unlike some other freelancing platforms.

You can post a project where ever you are and instantly have freelancers begin sending proposals. Sites like this are perfect for those who don’t have time on their hands to go out and openly search for freelancers and would prefer them to come forward themselves.

Unlike sites like Fiverr where you have to openly look for workers.


If you have your own website you can easily link it to the site to allow employers to quickly access your work and about you to promote yourself more and find a new job quicker.

You choose the work you want to do by sending proposals to posted jobs, making it the best site for those who love the flexibility and finding a job rather than having one find them.

Whether it’s graphic designing, web design, writing, data entry or generally any content creating jobs this is one of the best sites as it encourages all these freelance jobs!


Sites like Fiverr

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.

Top companies hire Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

Why Choose Toptal Over Fiverr?

This is one of the more exclusive freelance sites, as it is filled with the top 3% of freelancers available, this means work is effective, high quality and created by trustworthy and hard workers.

The site is used by large scale companies who don’t tend to use sites like Fiverr to receive their work. Just like Fiverr and app is available to be accessed at anytime!


When using this site you can be certain you are working with a trusted and talented professional, with companies like air bnb swearing by the site it’s a huge selling point! This site will definitely be more pricey than Fiverr but is arguably worth it for the quality of work you will receive.

“Toptal makes finding qualified engineers a breeze. We needed an experienced ASP.NET MVC architect to guide the development of our start-up app, and Toptal had three great candidates for us in less than a week.

After making our selection, the engineer was online immediately and hit the ground running. It was so much faster and easier than having to discover and vet candidates ourselves.” – Jeff Kelly, Co-Founder at Concerted Solutions.


You can easily apply to the site as a freelancer but getting accepted is another story, the site has competitive rates as they only want to hire the best.

If you do get accepted you have opportunities to work with top and trusted companies which are a great step in your career!


Sites like Fiverr

Workhoppers is a freelance site that encourages you to hire locals!

The site has an AI-matching algorithm, targeted campaign and personalized service finds candidates that fit your specific needs.

Why Choose Workhoppers Over Fiverr?

The algorithm allows you to quickly find work instead of scrolling through endless pages of Fiverr for something that will fit you only for the deal to not work out!

There are no recruiting fees, no commissions and no middleman.


Employers can post Freelance, contract, temporary or part-time jobs whilst being able to specify skills, location, budget and schedule requirements. This makes it flexible and able to work to you and your needs.


To find work on the site you’ll need to carry out the following:

  • Create a profile with your skills, experience and resume.
  • Input your schedule and/or availabilities to work.
  • Specify your location and where you want to work from (on-site, from home or either).
  • Take our Behavioral assessment to identify your strengths

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Sites like Fiverr

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet.

You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your careeror find employees right for you and your work.

Why Choose Linkedin Over Fiverr?

LinkedIn is much more personal and allows strong connections in the business word, not only can you find great work you can find amazing professional relationships through the site.

An app is available to download to stay up to date and available at all times!


You can find freelancers locally or globally quickly through the site and instantly connect with them, whether it’s an old connection you want to work with again or a fresh freelancer whose profile looks perfect for what you’re looking for its a quick and easy process to find them.

Invoicing has to be completely controlled by you and Linkdin cannot step in if any issues with work or payment issues arise but if you’re used to being self-employed or running your own business then this should be a doddle and it cut’s out having to pay disproportionately high seller fees.


It’s incredibly easy to find experienced and trustworthy employers on Linkedin as well as having them personally reach out to you!

You can link all your previous work to showcase your skills to possible employers. The main issue is invoicing is between you and the employer and if things go sideways the site cannot step in the support you.

So What’s The Best Fiverr Alternative?

All of these sites are amazing candidates as Fiverr alternatives however Linkedin tends to be the most popular choice in the freelance world and has been on top for years!

If you don’t want to deal with payments and invoicing yourself then People Per Hour is the site we would recommend for both freelancers, agencies and buyers alike. It’s easy to use the platform and the speed at which you can get a freelance job is outstanding, hassle-free and a doddle!

Each site has its own uses and quirks, it mostly depends on your personal needs and whether you want to find work or have it come to you.

Each site has different benefits for everyone. When choosing a site it’s important to research deeply into it and make sure it’s right for you, as one thing may work for another but not yourself!

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